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This website is designed to save you valuable time. After all, if you spend all that money to get to Nashville to further your songwriting/music career, then  it only makes sense to get as much as you can out of each trip.


For a small fee per service, (with discounts for multiple service choices) why not let Lorna’s Nashville Songwriter Services help make the most of your valuable time by helping you set up your songwriting/music trip to Nashville.


See the “Services” page for options and prices. You can even mix and match – select only the services that you want - and let us do the rest.




I finally moved to Nashville in July 2004 …but I know from experience of traveling there from the UK, 3 times a  year for 7 years before that, how much time was lost on each trip in calling people, waiting for people to call me back to set up meetings, trying to play scheduled writers nights (rather than open mic to largely empty rooms, late at night), booking co-write sessions etc.

I can’t tell you how many times people said “call me when you get to town”, rather than just make an arrangement to meet me……writers night hosts that wouldn’t schedule me until I was in town, demo sessions I missed, etc.

It was sometimes hard not to take it personally if someone cancelled on me because something else came up for them….although I realized I wasn’t a priority and it made more sense for them to meet with someone who lived in town, for continuity purposes…after all, if I  was only in town every 3 or 4 months, it might take a year or more to finish a song when that writer could more easily finish a song with someone else who lived in town – and I also wasn’t in a position to pitch the song because I wasn’t here either.


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